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Half Demo Reel uploaded

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

In order to have something to show the recruiters at Siggraph, I have cut together a demo reel of all the rigging stuff I have done since coming to VFS. It dont have any animation done using the rig yet since the production is still going on. Check back here in a few more months for a more polished reel.

Scripts :)

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

Out of my obsession of automating things, i have created some scripts (maybe useless) for my own convenience. The various functions are used for transform operation and I have created a simple UI to access them. List of functions are:

1) Matching Translation

2) Matching Orientation

3) Matching Pivot to another objects or components

4) Setting positions of vertex to absolute values

5) Distribute objects evenly between two objects

It is available for download at the scripts page.

Update for Term 3

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Long time no update. Term 3 has been really really crazily busy. Fortunately, it just ended and I can take a breather. I updated the 3D and 2d gallery with some of my new works and there is also a new animation which I did with 3 other classmates.

Now that term 3 has ended, this is when the fun part begins. Term 4 onwards, we will be split into our specialization stream and we will take classes specific to our stream. Other than the classes, we will be concentrating on the production of our final project. I will doing my final project with 3 other classmates. Our current stage of progress is pretty good. We basically nailed down an animatic which is pretty representative of the final sequence. We will be doing a visual effects shot and i feel we have design quite a challenging series of effects. Next term, we will be mainly doing research on how we will finally execute them and doing preparation for the actually filming. Hopefully we will be able to find a location as soon as possible and audition our actor. I am definitely looking forward to term 4.

Term 2 Wrap up

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

It has been busy as hell so I havent update my blog for aeons. Term 3 is also busy like crazy but thats another story. Currently we are preparing the concept for our demo reel and the concept development teacher, Casey want to take a look at our previous works to gauge our standard and so be able to better evaluate the feasibility of our demo reel idea. Hence, I am just clearing up my term 2 works and just thought I update my blog at the same time :)

Anyway, below is the final version our my modeling assignment, Drizzt Do’ Urden. I realised I take too much time doing armors and other inorganic stuff. My irritating obsession for perfection tend to get in the way of more fluidly model them quickly and I end up trying to fit everything perfectly and logically.


Next up are some of my life drawings. Life drawing is so interesting but too bad this term I don’t have any more life drawing classes. I could crash the term 2 life drawing class but unfortunately it falls on the same time as the weeklies. Maybe I will go on some of the week just to keep my pencil busy.



Crazy Term !!

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

This term has been quite crazy. I didnt even have time to update my blog ! Last week was a crunch time week for my group animation project and we manage to finish in time, sort of. So this weekend, I have some time off and here I am updating my blog :) Anyway, below is a texture assignment render. We are suppose to take a plane model and texture it based on some real life references. I decided to make my plane, a p-38 Lightning, real run down and beaten up. I make it all rusty and covered with rain stains. I made some mistake during the uv-unwrapping process which make my texturing painting process quite horrifying and posed some problems when i need to match texture seams. For those who have no idea what I am talking abt, basically some of the texture dont match up properly so I have to make compromises on the realism. But I am satisfied with it and I will do a better job in my next assingment.

20080216_01.jpg 20080216_02.jpg

Up next is a work in progress for my modeling. This term, we are tasked with doing up a humanoid character.I choose one of my favourite book character, Drizzt Do’ Urden. I always wanted to create a 3d model of him so now is a good opportunity. I think it is going fairly well. I am following a workflow by Zack Petroc, an amazing digital sculptor. I have created a high res model of it in zbrush and I am in the process of retopolizing it so that it has good line flow and topology. I am also doing the armor and accessories now. One more week to deadline. Have to get more work done. Guess I will be spending my sunday on this model.


Open Figure Drawing Workshop - NEW BARGUE - 022 Updates

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

20080127_01.jpg  More bargue updates. I can only do this once a week. I brought it to my weekly sketch at Waves Cafe and slaved on it the whole afternoon. Well here it is at this moment. The deadline is 25 of feb. I guess i can finish by then. Forgive the crappy quality. i dont have a scanner and I am using a camera to take it. It seem to produce some decoloration or wat not.

Open Figure Drawing Workshop - NEW BARGUE - 022

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

20080120_01.jpg This is my first time participating in an activity in cgtalk. This workshop is for people to engage in drawing based on a set theme. This one is brague drawing. For those who dont know, brague drawings are an academic drawing training created by this person called Charles Brague many decades ago. It is basically a set of drawing whereby the students have to replicate exactly and it is a invaluable way to train the setting down of the correct tone and values. It allow the students to observe how light affect the tone and how tone give the drawing its volume. One drawing can take several weeks and the accuracy of the replication is paramount. Anyway, this version of brague is of cos with a twist. Instead of drawing from the usual brague drawings, we get to choose many 3d renders and we have to reproduce it. So here below is my one. I am rather slow and have only done the contours. Will be updating more when i finish more of it.

Start of the New Term

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

The new term has started !! We will have more 3D this term and less 2D classes. Probably the only 2d classes are classical animation and life drawing. I would actually miss doing composition which i quite like. I will miss doing 2D stuff as we dive deeper into 3D but oh well, I will still be doing drawing on my own in my free time.

Anyway, we will be learning more modeling, animation and texturing. In addition, we will be touching on lighting at the later part of the term. For modeling we probably have learn all the tools necessary for it and we just need to keep modeling to increase our speed of modeling and quality of output. Our lecturer Nigel say the chief requirement of a modeler is to be able to translate 2d design into 3d design so our sense of form and volume must be strong. We are doing speed modeling in class where within 3 hours we will try to model something based on a design given to us by Nigel.

At the moment, I am actually thinking everyday about my demo reel. I should be heading towards a technical director role, maybe character TD or effects TD, depending on which one i will enjoy more. I will be meeting my animation teacher, Magic next week to discuss on it and I hope I can start as soon as possible before even term 3. This will give me more time to start focusing on what skills and technique I need to learn and really make a good demo reel which will ensure my a good job in the future.

Next week will be an interesting week. On tuesday, we will be going to the aquarium on a research field trip for an animation shot. We will be animating a beluga swimming and we are supposed to go to the aquarium to observe them. This will be interesting and I will be posting pictures next week :)

Anyway here is the  speed modeling practice. It is sort of a mutant chicken design… :P


Bridgman Sketches

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008

I meant to post this before the end of December but my ISP is giving me so problems. My internet connection is like a tortoise. I finally found the answer to my problem. My ISP’s DNS server is garbage and I have to use a external DNS server called OpenDNS. If you are a telus user and you find you are getting ridiculously slow speed, try using OpenDNS’s servers.

Okie, all the fine now :) I am continuing my practice of anatomy by drawing from Bridgman’s Life Drawing Book. In case you don’t know who George Bridgman is, he is the teacher of Frank Reilly who is regarded as one of the best art teacher in America during his time. Well Bridgman’s books has been recommended and used by many artist since his time til now in the 21st century. To cut things short, if you want to learn life drawing, get his books !!

20071230_01.jpg 20071230_06.jpg 20071230_05.jpg

20071230_04.jpg 20071230_03.jpg 20071230_02.jpg

New Sketches

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

Well not much new works this week. My drawing hand has been rather lethargic this week. Only did some wolf studies to prepare for a painting I am doing for Farlandworld. The wolf studies is from photo referenecs. The picture i am doing is about a creature called wolf-spider, hence the studies. The one at the bottom is the sketch of the wolf spider which has a wolf head with spider body and eyes. Hope to have more pictures this coming week :)

20071222_01.jpg 20071222_02.jpg