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Venture into Houdini

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

For the last week, I have been exploring Sidefx Houdini. I have to say, I am hooked onto it. I am usually not a fanboy for any software but this piece of software is really a beauty by itself. The way it handles the process of creating 3D images is very distinct and unique, very differerent from rest of the other 3D software which more or less have similar functionality, just having different interfaces. Houdini is totally based on procedural paradigm. It is not just simply a node based software but it is like an operating system for 3D. They provide you with all the building blocks and you can create anything with them, much like playing with Lego. What is so fantastic is that each block can communicate and reference another block from any network. (Houdini have networks which are like a universe where you can construct stuff and keep your building block in a neat way) This really means there are limitless possibilities that you can connect your blocks and give them behaviors and rules.

Within this first week, I learned quite abit about Houdini but I feel I only touch the tip, no the first atom of the tip of the iceberg. I hope to use Houdini possibly in my demo reel. (depending whether I will go into visual effects or not) The good thing is Sidefx recently announced the Apprentice HD version which cost only 99 dollars. The only restriction is that you can only use it for non-commercial purposes and the max size for batch rendering is HD size, which in my opinion is good enough for a demo reel.  Well, i see whether I can buy one license and use it in my demo reel.

Sidefx’s website

More Harlan Ellison Interview

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

After watching the interview with Harlan Ellison in the previous post, I became intriqued by him and went to watch his other interview. He is one smart guy. He is brutal with his words but they all make sense. I won’t totally agree with his points on God ( I see it in another point of view but we shall not go there now) but i do agree on his insistence on keeping your mind alert and open. Never close your mind to new information and ideas. We are human because our mind is open to new idea and we are learning every second of our life. The moment we stop observing the surrounding, the moment we stop to think, we are mentally dead. We became just drone in this world, working our way til our eventual death.

The link is here. There are 3 part to the interview. Watch them all. I find them invaluable. As usual with him, harsh words.

Crossroads once again

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

I am once again at the crossroad between sticking with pure art work and technical work. In our 3D animation class, we started learning rigging and my technical side just sort of lit up to the challenge. Our teacher (He is a awesome teacher btw. His name is called Magic.. OMG) asked us to do a basic biped rig. We are creating a unicorn for our 3D modeling class (Not completed yet. Will post more pic of it later) so I thought, what the heck, I do a quadruped rig. 

There is in fact not alot of info on quadruped rigging and after much searching in forums and thoughts, I thought of how to rig the leg. Since horses actually walk on their toe, a simplified reverse foot rig actually suffice. You don't even have to do the foot and toe curl like for normal human rig. But anyway, I have fun researching on how to set up the reverse foot rig and once again I am thinking whether I should delve more into rigging which is a very technical aspect of computer animation. We shall see what I decide in the end. :P