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Crazy Term !!

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

This term has been quite crazy. I didnt even have time to update my blog ! Last week was a crunch time week for my group animation project and we manage to finish in time, sort of. So this weekend, I have some time off and here I am updating my blog :) Anyway, below is a texture assignment render. We are suppose to take a plane model and texture it based on some real life references. I decided to make my plane, a p-38 Lightning, real run down and beaten up. I make it all rusty and covered with rain stains. I made some mistake during the uv-unwrapping process which make my texturing painting process quite horrifying and posed some problems when i need to match texture seams. For those who have no idea what I am talking abt, basically some of the texture dont match up properly so I have to make compromises on the realism. But I am satisfied with it and I will do a better job in my next assingment.

20080216_01.jpg 20080216_02.jpg

Up next is a work in progress for my modeling. This term, we are tasked with doing up a humanoid character.I choose one of my favourite book character, Drizzt Do’ Urden. I always wanted to create a 3d model of him so now is a good opportunity. I think it is going fairly well. I am following a workflow by Zack Petroc, an amazing digital sculptor. I have created a high res model of it in zbrush and I am in the process of retopolizing it so that it has good line flow and topology. I am also doing the armor and accessories now. One more week to deadline. Have to get more work done. Guess I will be spending my sunday on this model.