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Term 2 Wrap up

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

It has been busy as hell so I havent update my blog for aeons. Term 3 is also busy like crazy but thats another story. Currently we are preparing the concept for our demo reel and the concept development teacher, Casey want to take a look at our previous works to gauge our standard and so be able to better evaluate the feasibility of our demo reel idea. Hence, I am just clearing up my term 2 works and just thought I update my blog at the same time :)

Anyway, below is the final version our my modeling assignment, Drizzt Do’ Urden. I realised I take too much time doing armors and other inorganic stuff. My irritating obsession for perfection tend to get in the way of more fluidly model them quickly and I end up trying to fit everything perfectly and logically.


Next up are some of my life drawings. Life drawing is so interesting but too bad this term I don’t have any more life drawing classes. I could crash the term 2 life drawing class but unfortunately it falls on the same time as the weeklies. Maybe I will go on some of the week just to keep my pencil busy.