Anime Recommendation - Last Exile

last_exile.jpg I just finish watching the Last Exile anime and i highly recommend it to every anime lover. The setting for this anime is a blend between industrial age and futuristic space age. The story begin with two orphans Claus and Ravey who are vanship pilot. Vanship is a steam age type looking airplane which actually run on some claudia liquid. How it works isnt explained in the story but i guess it is some sort of fuel. The story develops when they are involved in a war between Anatoure and Deusis. The plot evolved to many layer of complexity and is highly intriguing. I will not give out any spoilers here. The style of the anime is really interesting and there is a refreshing blend between the low tech and high tech. The designs of the characters by Range Murata are gorgeous. Another good point of the anime is its soundtrack. The ost is aptly scored, and its sometimes electronic style and sometimes irish style really add to the feeling of the anime. There are some point where i feel the music is not really suitable but i would say the OST is really good. The ending is kind of vague and scenes and images just pass to fast for me to take it in. Only after i visited some site and rewatched the last episode then I can understand the story. I would ask everyone to slowly watch through the last 10 mins to fully appreciate the show.