Crossroads once again

I am once again at the crossroad between sticking with pure art work and technical work. In our 3D animation class, we started learning rigging and my technical side just sort of lit up to the challenge. Our teacher (He is a awesome teacher btw. His name is called Magic.. OMG) asked us to do a basic biped rig. We are creating a unicorn for our 3D modeling class (Not completed yet. Will post more pic of it later) so I thought, what the heck, I do a quadruped rig. 

There is in fact not alot of info on quadruped rigging and after much searching in forums and thoughts, I thought of how to rig the leg. Since horses actually walk on their toe, a simplified reverse foot rig actually suffice. You don't even have to do the foot and toe curl like for normal human rig. But anyway, I have fun researching on how to set up the reverse foot rig and once again I am thinking whether I should delve more into rigging which is a very technical aspect of computer animation. We shall see what I decide in the end. :P