More Harlan Ellison Interview

After watching the interview with Harlan Ellison in the previous post, I became intriqued by him and went to watch his other interview. He is one smart guy. He is brutal with his words but they all make sense. I won’t totally agree with his points on God ( I see it in another point of view but we shall not go there now) but i do agree on his insistence on keeping your mind alert and open. Never close your mind to new information and ideas. We are human because our mind is open to new idea and we are learning every second of our life. The moment we stop observing the surrounding, the moment we stop to think, we are mentally dead. We became just drone in this world, working our way til our eventual death.

The link is here. There are 3 part to the interview. Watch them all. I find them invaluable. As usual with him, harsh words.