New Assignments Updates

Here are some of my assignments I have done in the last few weeks. First up is a 3D model of a unicorn I did for 3D modeling lesson. I will not touch it for now but I intend to use it as my next project to learn mudbox. I will sculpt it and define more details in mudbox.


The next two images are digital painting I did for two different lessons. The landscape one is for a photoshop lesson where the lecturer ask us to practice digital painting. I randomly found a landscape picture from google and tried to paint it in photoshop. I can say it is my first time jumping into colour in digital painting and I find it so much more difficult than painting in grayscale. When I try to pick a color which i think is the correct value, I would realise that I am so wrong when i lay it down. The effect that color has all its neighbouring color is something I need to learn to see and take note of. I also encounter difficulty creating correct edge relationship to make the landscape look real and interesting.

The other one is a painting I did for History of Animation. My lecturer ask us to design what we think Mickey Mouse should look like in our own style. Me, being a lover of realist art, went for a more realistic style. In the end, it look like a character from the Redwall books.

LandscapeMouse Warrior