A Shannara Movie !!

I just heard from my brother that there will be a Shannara movie in the making. It got me quite excited. I like Terry Brook’s Shannara series and has always hoped for his books to be make into movies. Finally, the filmmaker has seen the potential in his story and make my dream come true. For all those non-fantasy book reader, Shannara is a on-going series of books written by Terry Brooks based in a fantasy world setting called Shannara. There has been many stories based in the world, spanning many generations of characters. This world is sort of a post-apocalyptic world where Man’s dabbling in Science has brought about a world catastrophe that wiped out most traces of science. Man are left with virtually no technological advancement. However at the same time, magic, which has faded off when Man began to be more scientific-going, started to surface again. This is a short summary of the setting of these books. Well the book being made into the movie is Brook’s second book, Elfstone of Shannara, which is one of my favourite book. Anyway, here is the link to an interview with the scriptwriter.