Bridgman Sketches

I meant to post this before the end of December but my ISP is giving me so problems. My internet connection is like a tortoise. I finally found the answer to my problem. My ISP’s DNS server is garbage and I have to use a external DNS server called OpenDNS. If you are a telus user and you find you are getting ridiculously slow speed, try using OpenDNS’s servers.

Okie, all the fine now :) I am continuing my practice of anatomy by drawing from Bridgman’s Life Drawing Book. In case you don’t know who George Bridgman is, he is the teacher of Frank Reilly who is regarded as one of the best art teacher in America during his time. Well Bridgman’s books has been recommended and used by many artist since his time til now in the 21st century. To cut things short, if you want to learn life drawing, get his books !!

20071230_01.jpg 20071230_06.jpg 20071230_05.jpg

20071230_04.jpg 20071230_03.jpg 20071230_02.jpg