Start of the New Term

The new term has started !! We will have more 3D this term and less 2D classes. Probably the only 2d classes are classical animation and life drawing. I would actually miss doing composition which i quite like. I will miss doing 2D stuff as we dive deeper into 3D but oh well, I will still be doing drawing on my own in my free time.

Anyway, we will be learning more modeling, animation and texturing. In addition, we will be touching on lighting at the later part of the term. For modeling we probably have learn all the tools necessary for it and we just need to keep modeling to increase our speed of modeling and quality of output. Our lecturer Nigel say the chief requirement of a modeler is to be able to translate 2d design into 3d design so our sense of form and volume must be strong. We are doing speed modeling in class where within 3 hours we will try to model something based on a design given to us by Nigel.

At the moment, I am actually thinking everyday about my demo reel. I should be heading towards a technical director role, maybe character TD or effects TD, depending on which one i will enjoy more. I will be meeting my animation teacher, Magic next week to discuss on it and I hope I can start as soon as possible before even term 3. This will give me more time to start focusing on what skills and technique I need to learn and really make a good demo reel which will ensure my a good job in the future.

Next week will be an interesting week. On tuesday, we will be going to the aquarium on a research field trip for an animation shot. We will be animating a beluga swimming and we are supposed to go to the aquarium to observe them. This will be interesting and I will be posting pictures next week :)

Anyway here is the  speed modeling practice. It is sort of a mutant chicken design… :P