Open Figure Drawing Workshop - NEW BARGUE - 022

20080120_01.jpg This is my first time participating in an activity in cgtalk. This workshop is for people to engage in drawing based on a set theme. This one is brague drawing. For those who dont know, brague drawings are an academic drawing training created by this person called Charles Brague many decades ago. It is basically a set of drawing whereby the students have to replicate exactly and it is a invaluable way to train the setting down of the correct tone and values. It allow the students to observe how light affect the tone and how tone give the drawing its volume. One drawing can take several weeks and the accuracy of the replication is paramount. Anyway, this version of brague is of cos with a twist. Instead of drawing from the usual brague drawings, we get to choose many 3d renders and we have to reproduce it. So here below is my one. I am rather slow and have only done the contours. Will be updating more when i finish more of it.