Update for Term 3

Long time no update. Term 3 has been really really crazily busy. Fortunately, it just ended and I can take a breather. I updated the 3D and 2d gallery with some of my new works and there is also a new animation which I did with 3 other classmates.

Now that term 3 has ended, this is when the fun part begins. Term 4 onwards, we will be split into our specialization stream and we will take classes specific to our stream. Other than the classes, we will be concentrating on the production of our final project. I will doing my final project with 3 other classmates. Our current stage of progress is pretty good. We basically nailed down an animatic which is pretty representative of the final sequence. We will be doing a visual effects shot and i feel we have design quite a challenging series of effects. Next term, we will be mainly doing research on how we will finally execute them and doing preparation for the actually filming. Hopefully we will be able to find a location as soon as possible and audition our actor. I am definitely looking forward to term 4.