Phototaking at Stanley Park

Today has been an amazing day. Me, Xavier, Rohit and Vinay went to Stanley Park to take photographs. I considered ourselves super lucky because the weather forecast says that this few days will be rainy days. But, to our delight, it didn’t rain at all. It was cloudy at times but the ominous clouds actually add to the mood and beauty of the sky. The whole trip was really really tiring and we sort of wander around, not really knowing where we are going. We sort of got lost twice and end up at some place we had been before. We intended to go Beaver Lake but in the end we got so lost that we couldn’t find it :p By 3pm we were so tired that we decided to head home. All in all, it was a wonderful day and a good escape from school, computers and indoor fluorescent lighting. Below are some samples of photos I took today. You can see the rest in my photography section.


20080430_JSNeo_1070853.jpg 20080430_JSNeo_1070784.jpg